Revolt Of The Man Slaves
on Planet Dominatrix
Science fiction stories based on a world where cruel women keep men slaves.
Where these cruel mistresses use their male slaves TO THE FULL.
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Male Slaves Revolt On Planet Dominatrix!

Before we start let me apologise for the fact that the pictures are from the first book in this science fiction series. The simple fact is that the illustrations for this book have not been finished. As soon as they are I'll replace the existing pictures with the new ones.

On Planet Dominatrix only women are considered human. Men are not even considered high enough to be considered animal. They are just "things". And the women consider themselves to be the "mistresses" of this planet. The "Things" are just male slaves, men to be used by the women in any they want. Men slaves are mostly used as beasts of burden. If a male slave fails in his job he will be beaten or tortured. The mistresses on Planet Dominatrix are cruel women, and sometimes a cruel mistress will beat and torture her male slaves when he has done nothing wrong, just for her own entertainment. Men slaves must learn to accept this, their only function on the planet is to obey and serve the mistresses.

Since male slaves are worked hard (usually for as many hours as possible in a day, everyday) most men slaves have amazingly fit bodies. And men slaves on Planet Dominatrix are not usually given many clothes. Most just wear a short skirt or loin cloth, just something to cover their genitals. Some male slaves are even forced to remain totally naked at all times. So it is probably a good job that the women on Planet Dominatrix are allowed to use their male slaves in any way that they like, and the men slaves must obey and serve their mistress in any way they are ordered. Because most women also use their slaves as male sex slaves!

Planet Dominatrix, it's cruel women, cruel mistresses, and subservient men slaves, exists in the science fiction stories of Jed Darke. Jed Darke has (under several aliases) been writing science fiction stories for decades. However his best known science fiction stories are the science fiction books about a planet on the far side of the known universe. A planet where a colony of cruel women keep men in bondage as their subservient slaves. A Planet known as "Planet Dominatrix".

This site is dedicated to the second of those science fiction stories. In this book some of the "men in bondage" decide that they no longer like being "men in bondage", male slaves to be used and abused by cruel mistresses. So a slave revolt breaks out. The women of Dominatrix are not prepared to give up their dominance, they have no intention of releasing their men slaves. they like keeping men in bondage.

As the revolt spreads, the women resort to cruel and sadistic punishments to inflict on the revolting male slaves (those last three words can be taken in two ways, both are applicable). The men suffer and the women, who have always enjoyed torturing men in bondage, find that inflicting these cruel punishments on the men slaves is the one pleasure they get out of the revolt!

The men slaves have to be re-subjugated. The revolt must be broken. Men must be returned to servitude, be taught that their only true function in life is to serve and obey women. That is the natural order on Dominatrix. The natural order MUST be maintained.

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